Short month, short meeting. This month’s meetup features two 30-minute sessions:

Plugin Party

What is your favorite plugin? How do you go about choosing a plugin? With 58,427 of them in the repository, it can be a bit overwhelming to know where to start. This roundtable discussion will focus on the amazing world of WordPress plugins from your perspective. Share wisdom and seek it from others as we tackle the basics of choosing and using plugins. (beginner to intermediate – everyone)

Custom Post Types & Custom Fields

Last month, we had a great show-and-tell by Eric Frisino on a project he’s been working on. Following that ‘deep dive’ format, this month Mark O. will give a behind-the-scenes tour of several large WordPress sites that harness the power of custom post types and custom fields to create specialized functionality. (intermediate to advanced – presented by Mark)

Thanks to Excelsior College for providing a virtual meeting space!

Meetup Recording

Chat Transcript

20:19:41 From Robin R : Hey all, I need to duck out. Thanks so much for the great discussion and demonstration, Mark. Nice meeting you all. See you next time!
20:20:11 From Leo Geoffrion : Thank you … very interesting but I have to leave now.
20:42:45 From Amy McGarity : How to minimize wordfence emails:
20:43:26 From Amy McGarity : 1. Wordfence Menu – All Options – Email Alert Preferences (turn off ones you don’t need)
20:44:38 From Amy McGarity : 2. Wordfence Menu – All Options – Activity Report – Enable Email Summary (uncheck)

Favorite Plugin Group Share

Side note: Dare A. and Brett G. both give thumbs up.