Learn WordPress (

Whether you’re a first-time blogger or seasoned developer, there’s always more to learn. Community members from around the world are contributing resources that will help you learn more about WordPress and share it with others. We’ll discuss the site, the Codex, and other learning resources. (beginner to intermediate – presented by Mark)

Gutenberg in 2021 (site editor and more)

During State of the Word 2020, Joen Asmussen gave a 3-minute demo of the beta-version of the Site Editor that will come to WordPress as part of the Full-Site Editing experience. Learn about this and other exciting Gutenberg developments coming in 2021. (intermediate to advanced – presenter Shaun Andrews)

Good old-fashioned Show & Tell

Show a cool feature on your site – or show us your favorite plugin. Highlight things that you’ve made and/or find interesting. Like a good old-fashioned show-and-tell. This evening, Eric Frisino shared a Python / WooCommerce integration he built for his business.

Thanks to Excelsior College for providing a virtual meeting space!

Meetup Recording

Chat Transcript

19:03:36 From Shaun Andrews : Hey there!
19:03:42 From Shaun Andrews : Video’s off ‘cause I’m eating dinner.
19:06:37 From Shaun Andrews : Very cool.
19:07:23 From Chris Jones : Hello. Here to soak up some WP Knowledge
19:07:30 From Shaun Andrews : Hi, Chris
19:07:56 From Chris Jones : Not able to spek
19:08:00 From Chris Jones : speak
19:10:35 From Shaun Andrews :
19:11:11 From Chris Jones : Chris Jones. Primarily a Video editor, Voice Over guy as a business, run several WordPress sites, including
19:12:41 From Chris Jones : It’s not me
19:14:21 From Shaun Andrews : Chris I’d love to see your site if you can share the URL.
19:14:44 From chris :
19:16:02 From Shaun Andrews : Great, thanks!
19:17:03 From Eric Frisino :
19:30:52 From Shaun Andrews :
19:33:16 From Shaun Andrews :
19:35:15 From Shaun Andrews : Thats great to hear!
19:36:55 From Chris Jones : Unable to stay – time of day isn’t good for me. I do follow you guys. great info..
19:37:08 From Shaun Andrews : Thanks for joining us, Chris.
19:37:11 From Shaun Andrews : Have a good evening.
19:37:42 From Shaun Andrews : Ha, I don’t remember the examples all being food-based.
19:43:50 From otismaxwell : I’m having terrible connection issues though internet is strong on my end. If I drop off, thank you and I will access the 518 resources.
20:18:53 From Beth Koessler : Hi. I’m very new to WP and enjoying the discussion here!
20:19:50 From Shaun Andrews : Glad to have you here, Beth!
20:21:56 From Shaun Andrews : I feel like its 1990 and we’re running DOS!
20:33:20 From otismaxwell : I only had this on my calendar to 830 so am out. thanks all. when I installed the current version of Zoom during the meeting it solved the latency problem I was having.
20:38:15 From Beth Koessler : Ha ha, Shaun. DOS lives!
20:39:18 From Shaun Andrews :
20:39:28 From chris : Thanks for the 518 resources

Learning WordPress

Gutenberg Bits

Thanks to Shaun Andrews for his awesome introduction to the Gutenberg Site Editor Beta!


Here are links Eric Frisino shared while presenting his Python/WooCommerce integration:


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